Living In A Country As An Immigrant Easier Than It Sounds

Living in a country might sound tough. And it is for some people. Immigrants face a lot of problems in their stay in a country like racial discrimination, stereotyping, etc. But the most common type of accusations they face is whether or not they have the right to stay in the country.

Citizenship Permit for different countries:

Here we will see some of the European residence permit’s requirements and criteria:

1. Netherlands 

The Netherlands is a beautiful country with its flat landscapes of exotic flowers, water bodies, etc. Netherland has a policy known as the Immigration program for highly skilled non-European nationals. 

The requirements for Netherlands residence permits are simple. The applicant must be under a company’s contact (company recognized and based in the Netherlands), and the monthly salary should be 4700 euros for people over 30 years of age, otherwise 3381 euros.

2. Spain

Spain is one of the most prosperous countries in Europe. Getting a residence permit in Spain requires you to show documents like proof of income and bank transactions for the last 12 months. They also require the applicants to spend 2200 euros per month and 550 euros per family member. The applicant also agrees with not seeking employment while in Spain.

3. Austria

Austria, one of the significant and old European countries in the world, is somewhat strict on citizenship permits. For an Austrian residence permit, the applicant must show proof that they have appropriate funds to live in Austria, have a pre-existing home within the country, have on-going health and medical insurance, and lastly have appropriate and abundant knowledge about the German language.

4. Switzerland

The Switzerland government requires a lot from its cu=itizenship applicants. For a Switzerland residence permit, the applicant must pay tax annually based on their living expenses in Switzerland. But first, the applicant will receive a permit B if their application is approved. This permit allows a temporary stay in the country. After five years, they can convert from permit B to permit C. Permit C allows permanent residence in Switzerland, and citizenship will be granted after ten whole years living there. Lastly, the applicant must also have an annual income of 3381 euros for people over 30 years of age. 

5. Poland

For applying for a Poland work permit visa, the applicant must provide documents like proof of income, employers’ legal status confirmation, information about work done by the applicant, copies of passport, travel documents, deed of any firm, and health insurance documents.

6. UK

Whether a company or applicant applying for UK sole representative visa must provide several employers or company documents like deeds, shares, proof of income, etc.


Different countries in Europe have different criteria for citizenship permits. Whether opting for single citizenship for the whole family, it is better to consult some experts and learn about all the criteria and documents more carefully. The process and time have taken to get a permit are long in some countries than others, and some countries might require you to provide a lot more documents than others.

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